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Help your family thrive

To evolve is to adapt, become stronger, and to have the resources you need to grow and prosper.  The joy in every family is greatest when each family member is thriving.  

Parents and children often have different priorities

This leads to tension and frustration when it seems that no one is listening to you and you are not getting what you want.  Need to Evolve can help families focus on the strategies, communication and actions that create the change needed to help smooth out the “rough spots” and let you enjoy your family more.

“If you had an easy problem, you would have figured it out already.  Family problems are not easy, and no person is an expert at everything.  There is no need for you to have to reinvent the wheel. “

Dr. Jenny Starosta

ADHD (adult or child)

Poor focus, impulsive behavior, tasks not getting done


Worry, panic attacks, difficulty doing things that are expected of you

Parenting Issues

Handling non-compliance, coping with special needs, being on the same page with your partner

Jenny Starosta
, Ph.D

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in working with children, adolescents and families.  I understand and empathize with the challenges, worries and frustrations that families have, whether they stem from mental health concerns in the parent or child, behavioral issues, or special needs.  

I’d Love to Help

What we can do to help…

Parent Training

You know your child better than anyone else, but they are unique and may not “go by the book”.  Children don’t come with a training manual, and the books that are out there may help many children, but might not be accurate for your child’s particular needs. Parent training works to give you the skills to handle your child’s individual needs, to be a better parent and role model for your family, and helps all caretakers get on the same page when it comes to parenting issues.

Individual Therapy

One on one therapy to address individual needs such as anxiety, adult ADHD, trauma, and relationship or parenting issues.  Sometimes your history, up-bringing and experiences have a negative impact on your mental well-being, health and relationships.  Individual therapy can help you understand yourself and the root of your feelings or behaviors, and help you to find better ways to cope, overcome, and thrive.

Child/Adolecent Therapy

I work directly with children ages 6-21 who have emotional and behavioral issues that impact their functioning at home, in school and with friends.  ADHD, anxiety, poor impulse control or emotional regulation, and problems with social interactions are a few of the common issues that children face.  However, children and adolescents also face divorce, bullying, loss of loved ones or pets, and other situational factors that are too hard for them to face alone.


Even professional athletes who are at the top of their game know they need coaches to help them maximize their talent.  Breif, postive, solution-focused coaching is available for children, adolescents, or adults to help you get past any roadblock.  The purpose of coaching is to help you reach a goal, and I can help you identify and overcome challenges, build skills, and have the strategies that you need to succeed.

What my clients say about me

You helped me with my struggles from school and my transition from one school to another. Your exercise of wiggling my finger and toes helped me a lot.

Age 12

You gave me the confidence to express my feelings and feel good about myself.

Age 9

Find the right tools and strategies to solve your personal challenges.


Monday through Thursday 9am- 5pm

Tuesday 9am - 8pm

Friday 10am - 2pm