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ADHD is a neurological condition, not a choice or a personality.  That’s the thing, though. You can’t go through life like you don’t have those conditions. It’s literally impossible.

It’s like type 1 diabetes. When I was first diagnosed, I just wanted to forget about it, and pretend it wasn’t a big deal. I quickly realized, however, that that wasn’t going to happen.

I have to keep it in mind all the time. I have to live a different lifestyle than I did before. I have to develop mechanisms to help me live with it.

The same goes for any medical or psychiatric condition. You’re not a normal person. It blows, but that’s how it is. You have to live differently than people with no medical issues. You have to develop mechanisms to help you live life as normally as possible. If you just try to live like you don’t have a problem, you will be trapped in that cycle.

I guess we have to realize that it’s okay to have these issues. It’s okay to live differently because of them. Since I was diagnosed with adhd, I cut myself a lot more slack than I used to, and it has helped me immensely, not just mentally, but also in the sense that I actually feel okay about myself now. I feel okay about being different, because I know why, and it’s not entirely my fault! Hope this helps you.

 Everybody is going to get something, so when, “oh thank God its not cancer”- then the world opens up for all the rest who are beating themselves down because a pathway in your brain is wired differently. I have 2 adhd kids, and one on the autism spectrum. If YOU dont think these 2 things are closely related to each other, come over for Thanksgiving. Years and years ago having a short attn span wasn’t a big deal b/c most work required brawn not brain. Now, how can they spend 10 hours playing video games, but cant sit through a movie or read a book. Simple the game has restrictions built in and real life is chaotic. What did Hobbs say? Life is nasty,hard, brutish and short.